Launch The Search in Your Parish: Three Easy Steps

1. Review the Coordinator Manual

You can implement The Search as a large-group event and/or as a small-group outreach. Consider doing both in your efforts to reach as many people as possible. The Coordinator Manual gives details for each approach.  Recruit leaders and invite them to preview The Search videos on FORMED.  

Free PDF of Coordinator Manual in English and Spanish.

2. Order The Search Participant Guides

The Search is best experienced with others. The combination of beautiful cinematography, music, and compelling testimony inspires thought-provoking and lively discussion. The Search Guide is designed help members of a group get to know each other as well as to discuss and internalize the main points.

Guides available in English and Spanish.

3. Launch Groups

The Search has the power to inspire people as they journey together to go deeper in their formation and embrace the mission of the Church.  

In-person experience:
Whether small group or large group, it is recommended that the group watches the episode together on the biggest screen possible, and then to have each participant spend a few minutes writing his/her thoughts in The Search Guide before roundtable discussion.  

Virtual group experience: To access all seven episodes, each participant should register using the parish’s FORMED subscription. Participants should watch The Search episode before each meeting, write their thoughts in The Search Guide, and then come together to discuss with video conferencing. It would be helpful to show the episode’s trailer in order to reconnect them to their initial viewing experience and to re-introduce the theme.  

Don’t have FORMED at your parish? Get a 14-day free trial.