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How to launch The Search in your parish

1. Identify a parish Search Coordinator

2. Invite 5 to 10 key staff and influential parishioners to start a Pilot Group

3. Order The Search Guides for the Pilot Group

4. Pilot leaders form additional discussion groups

Get The Search Guides for your Pilot Group

Ten pack available now for only $77.95, a 40% discount through October 31

The Search Guide is a multi-purpose guide designed to enhance the experience of individuals and leaders facilitating small groups. It will help small group members to get to know one another and grow comfortable, recall key points, record thoughts, and spur discussion. Its chief aim is evangelization.


Review the Coordinator Manual

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Our free pdf Coordinator Manual will help you organize and run The Search in your parish. It includes details on how to offerThe Search in large groups, small groups or even a retreat option.



What is Heaven?
What are the Sacraments?
Is there really a Hell?
Why is there a Pope?
Where did the Bible Come From?
What is the Mass?
Is There a Right and Wrong?